Our Staff


Sam Vance
Licensed Professional Surveyor
Raised in the surveying business, Samuel R. Vance, PS. Ohio License #7922.  has over 37 years of collective knowledge and experience that give us a unique advantage in providing professional land surveying services to Knox County and all of Central Ohio.  


Steve Beheler
 Rod Man
Raised in the Knox County area, Steve has been a long time loyal empolyee and is familiar with assisting Sam in all types of surveys and field work.


Bunny Vance 
Office Manager
Raised on a farm and sawmill in Fredericktown, Ohio, and started her own business in 1985. Now she works for her husband in the office of Vance Surveying, Ltd. and  also for their daughter, Jillian Vance, who owns Jillian Vance Ltd., a graphic design business.


What We Do

Land surveying is an essential means of mapping land boundaries, distances, slopes and features so as to enable land development and accurate land registers.
The surveying process has been in existence for centuries and many say it is the second oldest profession in the world.  
One of America's most famous and first land surveyors is George Washington. Others include Daniel Boone, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, William Clark and Meriwether Lewis.
History reveals a lot about how people accurately established their cities, monuments and kingdoms along with determining land ownership using boundary records.
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Who We Are

Our company is your best source for Professional Land Surveying services. 

Vance Surveying, is a family owned business providing land surveying services throughout the State of Ohio. The company was formed with the goal of providing these services in a professional and timely manner.  Samuel R. Vance, a Licensed Professional Surveyor is at every job site, performing all surveying duties to ensure accuracy.

​The exact nature of land surveying is sometimes not understood by the general public. Professional land surveyors are licensed by the state in which they practice and must follow state laws which were enacted to protect the interests and welfare of the public. Professional land surveyors are also governed by a code of ethics. At Vance Surveying, Ltd. we constantly remind ourselves that land surveying is a profession first and a business second.

We are a small company, but we leverage experience and technology to efficiently complete our projects. Please browse this web site to learn more about land surveying in general, and Vance Surveying, Ltd. in particular.

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